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Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

baffle trimming

Time to trim the engine baffles. I did some reasearch on how others accomplished this and decided to combine a couple different solutions.

To get the initial trim so the top cowl could be placed on I raised the top cowl above the lower cowl the same distance all around using tongue depressors clamped to the lower cowl. I used 3.25 inches as my gap, but it just needs to be enough to get your hand in.

Need Initial Baffle Trim Line

The initial trim line was traced under the top cowl using a sharpie that was held the same 3.25 inches as the gap from the top cowl using a tongue depressor cut to the same length.

Initial Trim Line

After the initial trim paperclips were placed on the top of the baffles. This allows you to place the top cowl on and see how much needs to be trimmed all around.


Just measure down from the top of the pushed down paperclips to get your final trim mark. The plans say a 3/8 to 1/2 gap from the top cowl to the baffles. I used 1/2 inch.


After the final trim I cleaned up and deburred the tops of the baffles and had a nice consistant gap.

Baffles Trimmed