== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

door fitting

I wanted to get the doors partially fitted on the cabin top before removing the top for finishing the inside.

I was trying to figure out a good way to initially trim the doors. I did not trust the built-in scribe line on the doors. After talking with fellow builder David Halmos the other night I tried one of his great suggestions. Taping around the door opening provides a reference line to scribe the door. You know how wide the tape is, just set the scribe to that width and scribe along the tape.

Taping For Door Trimming

Scribing Door

Another one of David’s suggestions was to create an extension so the index holes can still be utilized after the index tabs are trimmed from the doors. This was very helpful.

Index locator

I have the doors trimmed to a point where I can get them on the hinges. After the hinges are on I can take the top off and work on the interior of the top.