== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

mating forward and aft fuselage

Brad came over to help me get the forward and aft sections of the fuselage together. They are now one.

Two Halves Mated

Used some 5/16 bolts (instead of the close tolerance that will be used to attach the wings) and the supplied spacers to get things lined up.

Spar Spacers

Here’s a shot of the double-flush rivets needed where the landing gear mount will reside.

Double Flush

I opted for the stainless version of the heater valves from Plane Innovations instead of the kit ones. Just felt wrong placing aluminum on the firewall. Also, these close much better which should help with unwanted heat in the tunnel.

Heater Valves

Heater Valves Inside