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Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

passing the time

Recently I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms with the kit being in lllinois and me still in Arizona. I decided to do some flying during my building downtime. I looked at my logbook and realized it had been five years since I’ve flown. I had no idea it had been that long. I’ve kept my medical up to date during that time, but I’m sure my “skills”; have deteriorated. Yesterday I finally got back in the left seat. Flew a 172SP for an hour and a half to shake out the cobwebs. I think I need a couple more hours to feel comfortable again before I do a BFR with my instructor.

The fun part about the flight was that this particular plane had the G1000 panel. I’ve never flown behind an EFIS system. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to feel comfortable with the screen layout. It was very easy to scan the airspeed and altitude tapes overlaid on the horizon. The one thing I was not comfortable with was all the other systems and their operation. All the various buttons and knobs used for comms, navs, changing views, etc. That will all come in time though. The instructor handled all the comms for this flight so I could concentrate on getting back into flying.

I am planning on having a glass panel of some sort in the RV-10, so it is good that I’m learning to fly behind one. Garmin offers an experimental version of the G1000 as the G900X , but I have a feeling that will be too expensive for my budget. But, who knows.

I am thinking of using the building downtime to get my IFR ticket. Cheaper insurance and more time built up before needing to find insurance for the RV-10. That will suck some of the money I’m saving to get the fuselage kit, but I can live with that so long as I’m doing something other than sitting here waiting to move back to Illinois.