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hanger hunting

Therese and I were in Chicago last weekend. We had to visit the Ryland Design Center and pick everything out for the new house in Crystal Lake, IL.

While we were there, I took the opportunity to visit Poplar Grove Airport and get a hanger tour from Steve Thomas, the Manager. Poplar Grove is an extremely builder-friendly airport. I like the environment. The only thing I am wary about is the rental t-hangers are not insulated. I have a feeling that it would be mighty cold and drafty during the winter months.

I haven’t decided yet if I will rent one right away and use it for storage. I would like to get the tail and wings moved back there before we actually move, but I may just rent storage space back there for that purpose until I really need a hanger. Since we’ll have a three car garage and a full basement, I may not actually need a hanger until the wings need to go on. The only risk I take is the possibility that no rental hangers will be available when I need one.

It’s looking more like late in the year before the house will be done, so after the wings are complete in a couple months, I’ll be stuck with nothing to do until we get settled in back there. I don’t want to order the fuselage until after we are moved. Oh well, may be a few month of down-time.