== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

stall warning

After getting the left outboard edge parts all deburred, dimpled, and primed, I worked on the stall warning. I’m going to put in the Vans stall warning to start. Later on I will probably try the AFS Angle of Attack.

wing 029

First up was the access hole which has to be cut out of the bottom of the left leading edge. Little nerve racking the first time cutting a big chunck of aluminum out of your wings!

wing 030

Then the nutplates are added to the backing plate after dimpling and priming. Pretty good fit, but still have some fine filing to do for a perfect fit.

wing 031

Then on to assembling the microswitch and vane that make the stall warning. Not much to this, just the switch, a few screws, a few washers, a few nuts, and the stall vane.

wing 032

After the hole is enlarged in the leading edge, the stall switch is attached to the rib with a couple of nutplates and screws.

wing 033

Here’s what it looks like installed in the leading edge. I still need to adjust the position a little, but I’ll wait for that later.

wing 034