== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

more wing internals arrive

Received another order of stuff from SteinAir that will go inside the wings.

Wire runs for the landing lights, nav lights and heated pitot in various guages. Also runs of RG-400 coax for the Archer wingtip nav antennas and Archer marker beacon antenna, which will go in the wingtips.

wing 020

The wiring harness for the TruTrak roll servo is very nicely done. Probably could have done it myself, but the price was right for the work involved and I’m positive I wouldn’t have done as nice a job being a rookie at this wiring stuff.

wing 021

The Archer marker beacon antenna kit. It’s just some copper strip with the appropriate connector and coax. I will probably just use the RG-400 coax I bought instead of using the included RG-58. Just better quality. This will go in one of the wingtips along with one of the nav antennas.

wing 022

The Archer nav antenna. I got two of these. One for each wingtip. One will be nav one for the SL-30 and the other will be nav two for the Garmin 430W. Great reports of excellent reception for this simple and convenient design.

wing 023

This is the TruTrak roll servo. Every wanted to know what it feels like to hole $1000 dollars in the palm of your hand? Now you know how I feel. Weighs about 3 pounds or so. There will be another one of these in the tail for the pitch.

wing 024

Now all I have to do is order the heated pitot (which will wait till more options are available) and the landing lights and nav lights and I’ll have everything I need for completed wings.