== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

ailerons started

Started working on the ailerons. Fabricated all the skin stiffeners. Man, there were a lot of those little buggers. Took a while. Match Drilled them all to the top and bottom skins. Deburred, dimpled, then primed.

wing 007

After the priming, all the stiffeners were back-riveted to the skins. Same old process here. Nothing new. I do like back-riveting much better than shooting the rivets though. Comes out looking much better.

wing 008

Mounted the bottom skins with a couple keeper rivets to hold them in place without need for clecos. This allows them to sit on the table with the bottom flat.

wing 009

Nose ribs and counterbalance clecoed in place. The counterbalance is just a piece of stainless steel pipe.

Leading edge skin was then clecoed in place. Man, this part was a real pain. After the bottom was clecoed on, it was hard to get the top to pull around and get clecoed in place. Real tight. Tried bending the leading edge radius a little more. It helped a little, but it was still tight. One more good weekend working a few hours and the ailerons should be done.

wing 010