== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

tailcone finished

Finished the tailcone tonight. Finished up riveting the aft top skin. Cool part about this is I back-riveted almost all the skins. A few places in the aft tail and around the curved edges were bucked, but the rest was all back-riveting. The forward top skin is attached when the fuselage is attached to the tailcone.

tail 015

After the skins were on, the battery/bellcrank mount was assembled with the specified hardware. I’m finding out that alot of the bolts specified in the kit contents are not there and a shorter set is there instead.

tail 016

Last section was bolting on the seatbelt harness attach brackets. Man, this was a sight to behold. Me crouched inside the tailcone, trying to get the nuts tightened up with a 3/8 box wrench. I was wore out by the time I got all six tightened up. Guess I’m no spring chicken anymore.

Now it’s a choice between ordering the wings or doing a test attach of all the control surfaces. Not sure which yet.

tail 017