== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

elevators started

Started the elevators today. Trying to take advantage of the couple days off for New Years holiday. Started out by assembling the inboard ribs and the tips. These were pretty straight forward. The ribs are similar to the rudder assembly.

hs 011

After that the skeleton was clecoed together and the skins and tips were put on for final drilling. The trailing edge was trimmed to size and inserted. The trailing edge is also similar to the rudder assembly and will take double-flush rivets, which should be easier the second time around.

hs 013

Had a little issue with putting the tips on. The plans don’t say exactly how the counterweight skin, spar, tip rib, and skins all come together at this point. There is a little overlapping. Reading ahead in the plans you can see better how it all fits together and how the main skins lay on top.

hs 014

The close out tabs have to be bent over 90 degrees. You have to make sure which skin you are working on and the direction of the bend. Just follow the plans and everything works out. Funny how that is.

hs 016

As I type this everything is tore back down for deburring and dimpling before priming. Same steps as always. I’m getting better at this whole project with every section.