== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

put it together tear it down

In the past couple of nights I have match drilled, tore everything down, deburred, dimpled, countersunk and primed all the necessary parts. Man, deburring, dimpling, and countersinking all the holes takes a while. Of course it is probably nothing compared to what the slow-build wings will be like.

hs 003

I managed to ding up one of the skins also. The skin slipped just as I was on the down swing with the dead blow hammer dimpling the skins in the c-frame. I now have an extra hole right next to one of the supposed to be there holes. It is on the under side, so I’m just going to have the paint guys fix it when it comes time to paint or I’m just going to put a pop rivet in it. I’m not going to sweat it and order a new skin and have to repeat the process when it’s on the under side. If it was on the top side I might just re-order, but not for this which will never be seen.

hs 004

This one page on the plans took about 12 man hours to complete. Whew! The forearms, back and legs were getting a little tired at times. Where was the brother and dad during this step, huh? They left just before the real work began. Nice timing. I’ll make sure and save these steps when the wings arrive.

I also ordered 100 more silver clecos and a second cleco pliers so when the brother comes out next summer to help on the wings I’ll be prepared with enough tools for 4 hands instead of two.

hs 005