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Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

started horizontal stabilizer

Over the Christmas holiday the family was visiting for a few days. They were able to see most of what goes on in my garage lately. My Dad and brother helped me make some real good progress on the horizontal stabilizer. Some things go a lot faster with an extra set of hands. And some things go even faster when one person is working on a section while two others are working on a different section. For example, my brother and I worked on the rear spar assembly while my Dad fabricated the attachment brackets. This saved quite a bit of time.

hs 001

We were able to get the nose ribs, front spar, and inboard ribs clecoed to the skins in the cradles. Dad made the cradles while we were riveting the rear spar doubler and attachment brackets. Another time saver. Oh, and Dad did most of the deburring on the ribs early in the morning while the rest of us were still sleeping. Another job that I was grateful for and it saved yet more time.

hs 002

I can tell I’m going to need more silver clecos before I get to the tail cone. I also need to get a second cleco pliers. It would have really helped when two people are match drilling.

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for the help.