== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

rudder complete

This morning I was able to complete the rudder. The other night I finished double-flush riveting the trailing edge and rolled the leading edges. I can say that I don’t like doing the double-flush and rolling the edges. Of all the things I’ve done so far, these two tasks were the least enjoyable. Both came out fine, not perfect, but good enough. I had the most trouble rolling the middle of the three leading edges. Just didn’t want to come together. I am also going to go back and hit the tailing edge rivets again as I can see a few spots where the shop side isn’t sitting in the dimples far enough.


I mounted the rudder on the vertical stabilizer for a test fit. It swings pretty good. Finally looking like I’m accomplishing something. Now on to the Horizontal stabilizer. I think I’ll wait to start that until the family gets out here for Christmas so they can get a taste of what it is like to go through the steps from square one on a sub-kit.