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Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

priming rudder skeleton

Today I primed the rudder skeleton in preparation for final riveting. I finally got a chance to use my recently purchased mini-HVLP sprayer. All I can say is that I WILL NOT ever be using it again. It is a big mess. Cleanup afterwards is a royal pain in the #$?! I will be sticking to the rattle can version of the primer I use. I compared the amount of primer used from the quart I bought and it took almost as much as what it takes with the rattle can. So, the cost of the rattle can version is about the same in the end and it is a joy to work with. No messy cleanup, when you’re done, that’s it. I will be heading out to buy a case of the stuff soon so I don’t have to deal with that damn sprayer any more.

On we go!