== StephensVille RV10 ==
Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

priming the skeleton

Today I tore everything down from the test fit and got ready to prime the skeleton.


Just like most other builders, I went back and forth on the whole priming issue. Living in Arizona, I can avoid the whole Alodine mess. I could probably get away without priming at all. I settled for somewhere in the middle. I will prime the inside of the skins and the skeletons with self-etching primer. I went with one-part primer from Sherwin Williams. I didn’t want to deal with the mixing of a 2-part primer. I am just cleaning and scratching the surface with the 3M pads and spraying on the primer.

For this batch I hadn’t received the mini-HVLP I found on eBay, so I just used the rattle can version. I have a quart of the stuff waiting around for when I get the spray gun.