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Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

nav lights and strobes

Finishing the wingtip wiring. Here’s a video and some pics of the nav lights and strobes. I had RV7 builder, Jeff Bordelon, build these for me in 2006. His website is no longer up so can’t point you to him, but they are very nice. Mirrored plexi helps the super brite LEDs.


Was getting cold in the hangar, so got some family help over the weekend getting a 145K BTU heater installed. Also swapped out three bulbs for sodium lights to provide better light and added a couple ceiling fans to keep the air circulating and help with keeping the heat down.

rudder attached

Attached the rudder and hooked up the LED tail light. The tail light is a ZL-PSTL from Ztron Labs with the strobe function turned off. I also have one of these in each of the wingtips with the nav light function turned off acting as strobes only.

misc engine items

Wrapped up a couple small items with the engine. Hooked up the ground strap which grounds the engine case to the firewall ground. Also installed the quick drain oil plug.


Re-attached the horizontal, vertical, and elevators.

wing root wiring

With the wings attached, started getting all the wiring finished in the wings. Brad helped by finishing most of the connections at the wing root. Wired up the Gretz G1000 heated pitot. I wanted to dump the LEDs that came with the pitot for annunciation and instead wanted the annunciation on the VP200. Matt Dralle thankfully did this before I needed it and I followed his lead. You can see his write-up at the following links. Read more...

wings attached

The wings are out of their cradle and attached for good.

fuselage to hangar

The fuselage made the trip to the hangar this morning. Waiting for its ride… Getting on… On the way. I was a bit stressed watching it go down the road. At its new home safe and sound.

front headset jacks and front seats

Wired up and installed the front headset jacks. Front seats in places.

side panels

Added an access panel to the rear lower panels to get at the rear headset jacks after the upper panels are in place. Front side panels fitted, painted and installed. Cup holder up… … and down.
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