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Time Capsule of Building a Vans RV-10

empty weight

Weighed the plane tonight. Borrowed scales from the airport maintenance shop. Scales did not have ramps, so jacked up each wheel and slid the scales under. Came in at 1630 lbs. I was hoping for under 1600, but seeing as I have full interior panels, carpet, headliner, overhead console, I guess that isn’t bad. Gross weight is limited to 2700 lbs., so that gives me 1070 lbs. useful load. I’ll lose some more with paint when that happens later. Read more...

elevator trim brackets

Bought the elevator trim brackets from iflyrv10.com to replace the kit ones. I wanted to be able to remove them without having to drill out the pop rivets like you would with the stock setup. Also, these are nice machined aluminum. Screws and lock nuts holding trim cable bracket on cover plate for easy removal.

rear carpet and seats

Installed the headliner, rear carpet, and rear seats and belts. One of these is Tyler’s. Probably the one behind his Mom as my seat will be back further stealing all his leg room.

elt antenna

Mounted the ELT Antenna under the empennage fairing.

wing walk

Temp wing walk applied. Will have to be removed for paint later. Material is from Flyboy Accessories.

firewall forward work

Worked on finishing up some firewall forward items. Torqued and safety wired the prop bolts. Not talented enough to use one continuous wire so just did two at a time. Swapped out the rods that tie the lower baffle halves together with safety wire and some stainless rods. I didn’t like the way the rods turned out and this is much cleaner. Can also see in the upper right that I set the alternator belt tension and safetied the bolts. Read more...

cleaned up windows

Took the protective film off the windows. Nice to be able to see through them for the first time.

hangar flood

Check out that nice shiny hangar floor. Wait… Umm… that’s 1-2 inches of water. Bummer. Came to the hangar this past weekend to finally spend two solid days working on the plane after the holidays. Instead I spent two solid days cleaning up. The unusual Jan. thaw caused a crack and leak in the foundation. Quickly ran to get some hydraulic cement. Patched it up good enough to stop the flow. Read more...

rear heat scat

Didn’t like how tight the rear heat scat tube was when routing around the fuel selector valve, so I reduced it to one inch in that area.

temp n numbers

Affixed the temporary vinyl N-numbers. They will eventually be painted with the rest of the plane.
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