Flying a Vans RV-10.

Pitch Servo and AutoTrim

It’s been a slow summer in the plane fab area. Lots of family adventures. Got back at it this weekend though.

I was trying to figure out where to mount the TruTrak autotrim module. Wanted it by the pitch servo, but couldn’t find a good way to mount it. What I settled on works, but I may add more support on the top and tie it into the bottom.

Pitch Servo Autotrim

Created the harness that connects the pitch servo to the autotrim. Still need to bring in the pitch trim wires and the runs to the panel, but this is my first real wiring job on the plane. I hate solder cup DB connectors, I’d rather crimp, but these are what come with the TruTrak components so I went with it.

Pitch Servo Autotrim Interconnect

Pitch Servo Autotrim Interconnect