Flying a Vans RV-10.

Wiring Stick Grips

I decided to use the Ray Allen G307 stick grips. I can’t stand the military style grip of the Infinity most are using and I didn’t need all the available switches on it. Some say the downside of the Ray Allen grips is that you have to do the soldering inside yourself. No big deal. If I can do it than any Joe Schmo can. Just followed the manual for wiring them up. As I am using the VP-200 I don’t have to worry about relays for pilot and co-pilot. Big plus.

The grips have a 4-way hat switch for trim, a trigger push-to-talk, and two push buttons which I will use for Autopilot CWS and VP-200 Ack.

After soldering up all the wires I checked continuity on all the switches.

Checking Switch Continuity on Ray Allen Stick Grip Switches

Labeled the wires with the new Brady BMP21 label printer I picked up. Really nice printer that is super easy to use. Getting labels on a small 24 AWG wire is a bit of a pain, but worked out fine.

Label Printer

Ray Allen Stick Grip

Routed the wires inside the grip and tie wrapped them off. AMP CPC connectors will later be added at the bottom of the control stick where the wires exit.

Ray Allen Stick Grip

Ray Allen Stick Grip