Flying a Vans RV-10.

Main Fairings and Wheel Pants Done

Completed the main wheel pants, leg fairings and intersection fairings. It was one of my least favorite steps, which is why I waited so long. But now everything is complete and N428RV can get some color.

Main Fairings and Wheel Pants Done

Main Wheel Pants and Fairings

I have been putting off completing the main wheel pants and fairings because I hate fiberglass work, but N428RV needs some color so I have to get them done.

Got her up on the jacks and leveled by blocking up the tail. Pretty painless and only took me a few minutes. Main wheel pants are fit and the epoxy mix for the attach brackets is curing.

Uuuugh. Fiberglass dust from trimming.

Main Pants

First $100 Hamburger

Ed has been buggin’ me for a while to fly up to the homeland and give him a ride in the -10. Some good weather and last minute timing and I was off to Platteville (KPVB) to fullfill my promise. Picked up Ed and Brady at KPVB and flew to Lone Rock (KLNR) for a $100 hamburger at the Pickadilly Lilly. After lunch we did some sight seeing along the Mississippi.

Good time had by all. Well maybe not Brady when we did the low approach on return to KPVB. Must do it again soon.

Here’s some in-flight video.

Engine Mount Service Bulletin

Performed the Vans Service Bulletin SB 14-8-29 for the engine mount elastomer plate.

First thing was to bea able to keep the nose lifted during the process. Used a cable puller attached to the tail tie-down and an eye bolt in the hangar floor. Pic shows ratchet straps for testing, but I use the cable puller.

Tail Hook

With the cable puller holding the tail down, a sawhorse and blocks provide a little safety for when I was underneath it all. The whole process was pretty painless except for the need to get the elastomers compressed enough to get the bolt out and reinserted. Accomplished it by using the cable puller attached under the engine and to the eye bolt in the floor.

Service Bulletin SB 14-8-29

Trip to Nashville

One of my goals was to be completed with Phase One before the end of July so I could fly the -10 down to Nashville and pick up Katelyn for her annual trip back to Illinois for Tyler’s birthday. I was able to achieve that goal with a week to spare.

On July 26th I headed out for the longest cross-country flight I’ve ever planned at just under three hours each way. Everything went as planned and I think Katelyn enjoyed it more than getting on a commercial flight and it was nice to get a few hours of father/daughter time.

The weather didn’t cooperate a week later to fly her back so she had to fly commercial back home.

Here’s some in-flight video of the trip.